Realtors®, Find Out How My Company Helped My Wife Close On $700K+ in Home Sales In Less Than 6 Months and other Agents

September 26, 2017
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September 26, 2017 Christopher

Does this sound like you? Lead comes in from your lead source, you call the lead and they don’t answer. You may shoot them a text and still no response. So where do your leads go? If you are lucky, you have a CRM with your leads and contacts, but what happens to the leads? Are they automatically put into a drip campaign to keep your face in front of them until they are ready to communicate with you about buying or selling a house?

What typically happens is the lead goes into your CRM, mobile phone, or notepad and what could have been a client gets forgotten and gets lost. And if you have clients now, you are already busy servicing them, it’s not your fault, it’s just that you don’t have the processes in place to take nurture your leads. But because those processes are not in place, you are losing lots of money and future clients and referrals.

This was the story of my wife. She would get leads in and not have the time or processes in place to automatically stay in front of the leads. My company has been working with companies for years building marketing automation processes and software. I decided to build a system that would take her leads, nurture them automatically, and send the leads relevant, valuable content so that when they are ready to talk about selling or buying a house, they know who to contact. Every lead, every time, on time, with no added effort on her part.

How has this helped her? Within 6 months of using our system, she was able to close on $700,000+ in sales just from leads who were nurtured in our system. Now, she still calls her leads when they come in, but she doesn’t have to worry about keeping in front of those leads and when she has time, she can reach out to leads who have opened her emails who have shown interest and allow the system to continue reaching out on her behalf.

If you are ready to move from being overwhelmed with leads not being properly nurtured to providing every lead, every time with value and keep your face in front on them so that when they are ready to sell or buy a house, you are top of mind, reach out to us so that we can provide you with information about our Marketing Automation system for Realtors® and Brokers.

Don’t let let lead fade away, let us provide you with a system that works.

Have questions about how we can do this for your real estate business? Schedule a FREE 30 Minute Expert Consultation with us below.

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