Can Facebook Ads Help Me Earn More Customers And Revenue in 2018?

March 27, 2018
March 27, 2018 Christopher

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There are more than 2 billion users on Facebook today and that number continues to grow. The likelihood of your next customers being on Facebook is very high with engagement for Facebook averaging more than 2 hours a day. This presents an excellent opportunity for your business to capture these new users attention and attract them to your offer.

I Tried But It Didn’t Work

I’m sure you have heard “Well I tried Facebook and it didn’t work for me”. But I would challenge them to see what was their strategy. If their strategy was just to ‘BOOST’ a post, that is just wasting money if you don’t have a strategy. You have to know how to properly segment your cold audience to better qualify them and move them down your marketing funnel to finally have them spend money with you. Just getting LIKES will not cut it when it comes to Facebook.

You Need A Facebook Winning Formula

Having a winning formula is the key to have success with Facebook Advertising and I can tell you that Facebook Advertising works. So when you are trying to market to a cold audience, you want to nurture your relationship until it is time to present your offer. So this would be a mix of using engagement campaigns with blog posts, videos, and other content so that you can showcase your expertise and then after you have created audiences, you can present your offer to a warmer audience.

Be In Front Of New Customers At The Right Time

More than likely, your next customer is not ready to do business with you yet partly because they don’t know you but also, it’s just not the right time. But it is important that when they are ready, you have been in front on these people and staying in front of these interested parties through retargeting.

Retarget Your Current & Past Customers

Facebook is even great if you have a current list of customers in your CRM. You can upload this list and Facebook can identify these customers on their platform and you can run campaigns just to them so that they can buy from you again. As we all know, it is easier to sell to someone you have already sold to versus a new customer. Facebook can help you earn even more revenue from data that’s just sitting around collecting ‘dust’ on your CRM. A great example is a real estate agent. Once your customer closes on their house, you still want to sent out material to these past customers so that you stay top of mind not only for their next real estate transaction, but stay top mind for referrals because they will know “…hey, I know a great real estate agent named xyz”.

Video Strategy

Facebook with the right strategy will earn you more money for your business with the right strategy. Did you know that some of the campaigns we are running for our customers are getting as low as $3.00 per lead, $13.00 per real estate lead, and $.02 per video view? Videos are highly favored when it comes to Facebook Advertising. Videos help new customers find out more about you and brings a better engagement experience than photos and text can.


Facebook allow you to specifically target different demographics of people and also their location. So if you need to find all Facebook users living in Seattle, who are parents, living in a single family residence, making more than $100k, Facebook can do that. If you are a local dentist who would like to target people in their hometown with their offer, Facebook can do that.

We would love to sit down and come up with a winning, EXECUTABLE plan so that you can gain more customers, reconnect with past customers, and earn more revenue this year. Our team is built on more than 16 years of online marketing and strategic plan development and know that we can come up with a successful plan for your business.

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